Ganeti Web Manager is a project by the Oregon State University Open Source Lab.

If you would like more information and support, or are interested in getting involved, check out the project page.

Ganeti Web Manager Version: 0.11.1

Core Contributors

For a complete list of people who have contributed code to the Ganeti Web Manager project, see the AUTHORS file.

  • Peter Krenesky (kreneskyp)
  • Trevor Bramwell (bramwelt)
  • Rob McGuire-Dale (robatron)
  • Corbin Simpson (MostAwesomeDude)
  • Piotr Banaszkiewicz (pbnan)

Other Resources

Artwork and other non-code resources that appear around the Ganeti Web Manager site:

Donate to Ganeti Web Manager

Donations that support the Ganeti Web Manager project can be made here.